Perfection in riding boots since 1850

Brillant ideas — Made in Germany

In 1850 our first little shoemaker workshop was founded by Anton Königs and at the turn of the century he started the production of his own shoes with several assistants. At first mainly working shoes for farmers and field workers were made, but later on the armed forces ordered shoes and boots for their soldiers. Until 15 years ago our company was a supplier for the German Federal Armed Forces.

Since 1990 our company has produced exclusively first-class riding boots, a forward-looking decision that was made by senior director Manfred Königs. His son Achim grew up in the boot factory and earned his first pocket money helping out there. After his studies in business management he attended the renowned shoemakers' college at Pirmasens und took over leading general management in 1999.

Our traditional office located in the heart of Erkelenz Tenholt nowadays employs 44 staff and the product they make is highly reputed among riders all over the world.

Königs-boots are distinguished by excellent materials, as well as a very complex individual workmanship involving a good deal of manual work. Königs-boots are still manufactured exclusively in Erkelenz.  That`s why Königs could ensure a maximum of flexibility.