Königs put a strong emphasis on sustainability so of course our boots are very friendly to repair. In contrast to cheaper boots, which are often made with a finished glued sole and are made of synthetic or laminated leather, Königs boots can be resoled or stretched. Of course it is the same with our short boots and chaps.

The following repairs/changes can be done by our qualified shoemakers:

– Shaft shorter
– Shaft smaller
– Shaft wider (Up to 2 cm are possible, depending on the stiffness and the upper leather)
– Making boots wider with a leather gore
– New boot pulls
– New hunting top or making shaft longer with curved top or hunting top
– New zippers
– Changing the inside
– New heels
– Insert/Change elastics
– Making a new foot
– Change the bottom
– Stitching leather patches on the boots

On a time and material basis you have to expect that you have to do 4-10 weeks without your boots. In return you will get professionally repaired boots with original “spare parts”.
Do you have questions about our service please send us an email .

**Also zippers and elastics from chaps can be changed**
INFORMATION: We will not deal with products from other manufactures!