Sustainability concerns to everyone!

SUSTAINABILITY is important to us so we do our very best to treat resources with care, to reduce routes and to make use of materials which are so environmentally-friendly as possible. Not least for this reason we keep on producing in Germany.

We always go for DURABILITY. For more than 160 year we are producing high quality footwear with a long lifetime. Further Königs boots and riding boots have a great workmanship and are friendly to repair. In contrast to cheaper boots, which are often made with a finished glued sole and are made of synthetic or laminated leather, Königs boots can be resoled and stretched. Of course it is the same with our short boots and chaps. More information about repairs you find here.

Your enthusiasm is our motivation!

MATERIALS will be chosen to the best of our knowledge – as far as possible we only make use of local-produced and eco-friendly products. We are producing round about 20 different models out of the international distinguished terracare® leather. This leather we are purchasing from Lederfabrik Josef Heinen which is located in the neighboring Wegberg.  terracare® leather is manufactured as environmentally-friendly as possible – from German raw materials

With terracare® you are choosing unique leather. And showing responsibility, for human beings and the environment. Find more information on .