Leather Care Instructions

Good to know

With regards to our material and the correct use of our products please note the following:

• Leather is a high quality natural product. Irregularity of colour and structure are based on the natural state of the leather and are a typical sign of quality that only points the authenticity of the leather.  Natural marks like scars and insect bite are normal and not a material fault. Slight colour variation are normal because the absorption of the colour can vary. Please pay attention to that and ask your retailer to show you actual colour swatches. In the course of time the colour of the leater can change a little bit as areaction of direct sun light, dirt and sweat.

• The right correct cleaning and care of the boots have a great impact of the life period of your chaps, short boots and riding boots – Please pay attention to your care instruction!

• The right height of your chaps and boots is also important for a long lifetime. We notice that boots and chaps are often too high. Unfortunately most rider don`t know how much impact this has. Trough the pressure from above the boots will get unnatural wrinkles in the ankle and in the calf. There the leather will chafe and the leathermight damage and scuff the leather. The dressage bow also make a bend to the outside, the zipper can get broken more quickly and the heel caps can also get broken.

Leather care instruction

In purchasing a Königs product you have acquired a high-quality product which was manufactured using the finest materials and with the utmost care. As you can enjoy your boots for a very long time we kindly ask you paying attention to the following instructions:

• Make always use of boot stretchers while not using your boots which keep the foot and the bootleg forms in their original shapes.
• We recommend removing every kind of dirt, e.g. horse- sweat and dung, with a moist cloth after each use of you boots because this prevent hardening and damage to the leather. For the zipper we would advise a small brush and special zip cleaner.
• We recommend making use of an impregnation spray to protect your boots of wetness. Please pay attention to the instructions of the manufacturer. Impregnation sprays will also have a soil-resisting effect.
• As the boots will absorb a considerable degree of moist- ure during using them it’s necessary to dry them out in a suit-able place. You never attempt to dry them out in the vicinity of a radiator of oven. The best place is some dry and airy location.
• Further you should regularly clean the boots with a
specialist boot polish. We recommend making use of our own boot polish which is available in different colours. You apply this boot polish thinly and evenly after having cleaned and dried your boots. You also should wait a little while to enable it to soak in and then polish them with a soft brush or a woolen cloth for the perfect shine.