Taking the right measurements

IMPORTANT! Please pay attention to your measure instruction and don`t take the measurements out of your old boots.  Every manufacturer has his own last and stamp different specifications in the boot. Further every manaufacturer has a different way to take the measurements!

All measurements should be taken in the evening with breeches and socks (such wich you normally wear) because the foot and legs can be swollen a little bit during te day. If you take the measurements by your own please ask a second person to help you. The calf and all other measurements have to be taken loose. The measure tape may not cut in. Except the height all measuremnts have to be taken while standing.
For a standard boot you only need the foot size, the height of the shaft and the calf circumference.

1. The height

Pease measure the height while seated, bent the leg in a right angle and measure on the outside of the leg, from the middle of the knee cap till to the bottom. (On the outside of the knee you feel a big bone). The dropping (1-2 cm) of the boots is already included.  For the dressage bow you have to add 2 cm, 3 cm, 4 cm oder 5 cm to the measured height.

2. The calf circumference

Please measure the strongest part of your calf.


3. The top

The top has to be measured under the knee cap where the boots will end. Some breeches form some wrinkles  so try to pull them smoothly. The standard top is always 2 cm less than the calf circumference.

4. The ankle measurements

For our jumping boots and all tapered models we need also the ankle measurements measuered 15 cm, 20 cm und 25 cm from the ground. The easiest way is to make use of our ankle-tape.
Please be aware that these measurements are only an indication for us how tapered the boots can be.

5. The foot measurements

Please make an outline of both foot to determine the shoe size. Please measure in a standing position, use a thin pencil and keep it in a vertical position.

Then measure the ball on te widest part of the foot, the instep on the highest part at the middle of the foot and the heel circumference from the heel to the area of the entry.

Foot tracing

Ball circumference

Instep circumference

Heel circumference