Upper leather

After choosing your favourite model you can decide how your riding boots should look like. You are able to choose from a variety of leathers and colours. Also combinations are possible.

Only laced boots can be totally made from patent leather, croco, ostrich or carbon leather (heel caps or toe caps are no problem at all!)

INFO: For our highquality products we only make us of European leather skins which are regulary tested according to their quality. Our leather is verifiable  Chrom-VI free!

Box calf – Calf leather

Finest, strong and chromic-tanned smooth calf leather. The particular character of the calf leather is the shady look, the silky shine and the fine and regular grains. In comparison with other producers in our business, we only make use of classic aniline leather.

Full-grain side leather

Full-grain, chromic-tanned and very strong and robust leather made from cows.

Napa side leather

Napa side leather is a full grain cow leather. We use this leather e.g for our chaps. Only available in black and brown.

Patent leather

Ultra-shiny full-grain leather with a reflective facing. The leather gets his typical facing through a thin lacquer coating.

Croco-leather look

High-quality calfskin with artificial embossed crocodile-design.

Ostrich-leather look

High-quality calfskin with artificial embossed ostrich-design.

Carbon leather look

High-quality calfskin with artificial embossed carbon-design.

Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is a strong and side smoothed grained-leather with a velvety surface.


Suede is made from the inside of hide. For our boots we only made use of calf leather.


Hunting calf is the generic term for all raw leathers. The surface of the sharpened leather is more or less velvety. The advanatages are a pleasant warm grip and a nice structure.
Lightly sharpened smooth leather is called nubuck, huntig calf of the flesh is called velour leather.

Glitter leather

Our glitter leather can be perfectly used for all the different applications on the outside of the shaft.

Special leather

Some special leather can be only used for application, others can also be used for the whole shaft or the foot.